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How Can I Unplug from Technology This Holiday Season?

Face-time is necessary and much needed during this holiday break. No, I'm not talking about Apple's popular FaceTime app. I'm talking about walking away from technology and unplug this week! I'm talking to parents and children. Make quality time by setting goals and rules for tech use.Here are 5 ways you can balance your tech time this week. Discuss and write down goals. Let your kids be apart of setting the goals and sharing their input. Schedule (limited) time that both t

What Technology Items Shouldn't I Buy for Christmas Gifts?

When it comes to Christmas and Holiday Gifts, we all tend to gravitate towards technology. With technology becoming more and more part of our everyday lives, its a natural to want to give our loved ones the latest tech toys. Buyer beware, not all tech makes a good gift. Check out the 3 Tech Gifts I think you should avoid. Smartwatches and Fitness Bands. I'm not saying that smartwatches and fitness bands are necessarily bad, but they aren't for everyone. The Apple Watch in par

How Can I Stop Cyber-bullying this Holiday Season?

As schools break up for the year, parents need to be on guard for cyber bullying, which spikes during the holidays. While parents are busy with holiday preparations, kids go unattended with lots of time on their hands. Unfortunately, this combination can lead your kids to unwanted online behavior including cyber bullying. Here some things you can do to curb cyber-bullying in your household this Holiday Season: Keep Channels of Communication Open. One of the best ways to stop

What Holiday Scams Do I Need to Avoid This Year?

As online transactions explode over the next few weeks, cybercriminals will do their best to try to get your credit card and personal data. Here are three ways that hackers try to trick you into parting you with data, and what you can do about it. Phishing scams. Phishing techniques usually come in the form of spam emails advertising special sales and phony gift cards. The most recent example was a massive email scam purporting to be from Amazon. But more sophisticated con ar

How Can I Stay Safe on Cyber Monday?

It's no longer a question of if you'll become a victim of a cyber incident, but when. Cyber-attacks are most prevalent around the holidays and come in many forms, including identity theft, virus infections or password hacking. Here are a few simple precautions and expert tips to help arm you and your family with the knowledge to help keep you protected and reduce their cyber security risks while shopping online include: 1. Get Email and Web savvy. Ransomware attacks will be o

How Can I Minimize My Technology Power Consumption?

One of the biggest contributor on our household's electricity bill is your technology usage. If you are noticing this and would like to cut down on your electricity use then it's recommended to configure your devices to use less power. There are different ways on how to minimize the power consumption of your computer. Here's how you do it: 1. Use External Device Only When Needed. Your computer can connect to various external devices like a printer, speakers, or an external we

What Tech Gadgets Can I Use To Get a Good Nights Sleep?

I never have a problem getting to sleep, but there are many of you out there that struggle with sleep at night. As we all know, sleep is very important for a fit body and a fit mind which is why I am suggesting these apps and gadgets that promise to help you catch some Zzzzs. There are no promises, but anything is worth a try, right? The Relax Melodies, available for free on iOS and Android, is the world's most popular sleep aid app. Relax Melodies allows users to mix and m

How Can I Quickly Charge My Smartphone and Tablet?

I love my iPhone! I hate a low battery! It doesn't matter if your leave your home with your smart device fully charged, it never fails that at some point during the day, it will display the low battery warning. It sucks, but I have a solution for you. Check out these helpful methods for quick charging your smartphone and tablet. Use a wall socket over a USB port. While connecting your smartphone to your laptop via a USB cable is maybe the most convenient way to recharge, it


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