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How to Create an Anonymous Email To Keep Your Online Identity Safe

By now, I hope you've figured out social media, search engines, and everyone, in general, is trying to collect as much information as they can about you. Privacy online is a hard thing to have in this digital world will live in. Having a separate, anonymous email address is one of the best ways to keep a low profile online. When you have an anonymous email, it helps reduce the amount of spam you get in your inbox. It also allows you to shop online with electronic and brick-and-mortar stores and sign up for digital membership services without them collecting information about you or trying to sell you things you don't need. Also if you're dating online, it's best to have an email that can't be traced back to you. Want to know how to get started, check out these quick and easy tips to stay anonymous online.

1. Setup a Fake Account with a Free Email Service. When people consider setting up a fake or anonymous email account, they usually turn to a free email service such as Yahoo,, Gmail, or one provided by their Internet service provider and why wouldn't you? You can create countless email addresses with these services, but are you doing it right? Check out these steps to make sure you're keeping your identity safe.