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How to Avoid Scams on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday, and Giving Tuesday

It seems every year people spend more and more money during Black Friday and Cyber Monday for holiday gifts and donate to charities on Giving Tuesday. Unfortunately, cybercriminals know this and will do their best to get access to your credit card swipes, your identity, and online transactions. With the large amount of cybercrime and data breaches that have taken place this year, it’s more important than ever to make sure you are being vigilant and taking steps to protect you

How You Can Help Your Small Business Avoid Holiday Scams & Fraud

If you own a solo or small business, the holidays can be a time of increased profits. Which is a blessing especially if you own a retail shop. Unfortunately, cybercriminals take advantage of this busy time of the year to pad their pockets. The bright side is that it doesn't take much to protect your business from crooks if you take the right steps. Cyber Security is a human problem. Protecting yourself doesn't mean that you need to only make sure your business devices are

How Parents Can Use Technology To Keep Kids Safe On Halloween

As a parent you have your work cut out for you during Halloween. The most important task you have is ensuring your child’s safety during trick-or-treating night. Trick or treating is normally a harmless expedition, but there can be some risks. Sometimes tweens and teens do bad things and some of it could be from the anonymity created by costumes and masks. You can rest assured Michael Myers isn't roaming the streets, but there is no denying you should always take extra cauti

How To Tell If Your Smartphone Has Been Hacked

There are many horrible things that can happen with your smartphone, but there's nothing worse than having a cyber crook break in and get access to your personal data. Both Apple and Android do a very good job of making sure your gadgets are protected from criminals, but they are always looking for new ways to get access to your passwords, photos, documents, and anything else they can use to make a profit. If you want to make sure your smartphone is protected from hackers, c

How to Keep Your Kids Cyber Secure During The School Year

Back-to-school is in full swing and although you might think you have everything your kids need, you probably need to remember to educate your school-age kids, tweens, and Teens on how they can stay safe online while schooling face to face or virtually. Your children face plenty of online threats during the school year, everything from cyberbullying, online predators, and sexting to phishing attempts, and the theft of their laptops and smartphones. Fortunately, you can decrea

How Do Hackers Steal Your Personal Information?

Imagine this scenario. You're shopping at a store. You go to the checkout to make your purchase. All of a sudden you get an email receipt. How did they get your name, your email, and your credit card information? Criminals don't have to get access to your computer and devices to get your personal information. There are many ways your information falls into the hands of cyber crooks. Most businesses have access to your personal information and many of the point of sale ser

How to Protect Yourself From Scareware Cyber Attacks

Since the beginning of the pandemic, cyber crime has become more rampant among individuals and businesses. Most of you are familiar with common cyber attacks such as phishing, smishing, vishing, credential stuffing, and ransomware attacks. However, an old tactic called scareware is starting to increase. Scareware works with criminals using web browser popups to trick you into thinking your computer or smart device is infected with a virus or has been hacked. What can you do a

How To Find Reputable Sources of Information On The Internet

One of the best things about the internet is being able to connect with any device you own to learn something new or to verify a piece of information. Need to find out who that lead actor/actress in a movie is, log online. Need to verify if your favorite celebrity is still living, connect to the web. The only trouble is, that just because we can find information online, doesn't mean that everything we read online is true. In today's society, anyone with access to technology

How to Fix Outlook When It's Not Sending or Receiving Emails From Your Free Email Account

For years, Microsoft Outlook has been the email client staple on Windows and Macintosh computers for those who wanted a program that would allow you to send and receive emails as well as keep track of all of your contacts, notes, and calendar appointments. It didn't matter that you were using AOL, Yahoo, or Gmail, you could have your emails from your favorite mail provider all show up in one program. The icing on the cake for Outlook users is that you could have all of your

What Should You Do With Your Old Smartphone?

The era is 3G is coming to a close and if you owned a 3G smartphone, it's time to retire it and get a newer 4G or 5G phone. One of the drawbacks to getting a new smartphone regardless of its 4G or 5G is the ever-growing collection of old smartphones in your junk drawer. What's even worse, your old phone still functions, and throwing it away feels wasteful, especially if you've spent hundreds of dollars getting a new one. If you still have an old smartphone or two lying around

How to Fix 5G Network Not Showing Up On You Android or iPhone

5G cell service is here for most providers and if your phone supports it, you can experience lightning-fast speed as you would if you were sitting in front of your computer at home using fiber internet. This is especially good news if you're a rural customer as you can experience Internet speeds almost as fast as if you were living in the city. We've seen customers recently who have experienced 5G speeds slower than usual. The good news there are several easy ways to fix this

How To Avoid Tech Scams This Summer Season

We are at the height of summer which involves many things such as backyard parties and vacations. As well as trips to the beach and soaking in your personal or neighborhood pool While most of you use this time of the year to relax a bit, scammers see summer as a prime season for trying to steal money from people who might have their guard down while shopping, day tripping or taking extended vacations. Are you trying to keep safe this summer? Check out some of the most common

How to Stay Connected, Secure, and Safe During Summer Vacations

Technology is definitely a blessing when you're traveling during the summer months. How else would you be able to share those family vacation photos on social media, pull up your trip itinerary, and save all of those memories to the cloud? Along with the perks of technology, you need to make sure you're keeping your devices safe, connected to the internet, and your information secure. Fortunately for you, there are several great ways to minimize your risks and stay safe and

How to Use Tech to Stay Safe During Summer Travel Season

Summer road trip season officially started on Memorial Day weekend, but you are bound to take a trip throughout the summer months for family vacations, college visits, weddings, and, romantic getaways. Vacations can be fun, but traveling can put you and your family at risk for identity theft and credit card scams. Fortunately, in our digital age, your smartphone can play a big role in helping protect you from the dangers of cybercrime when you travel. Want to keep you and y

How To Limit Screen Time With Your Kids This Summer

Limiting screen time is always a battle, especially in summer. Your kids may have gotten used to increased screen time during the pandemic and will probably push back against you. The battle over smart devices like phones, tablets, gaming systems, and laptops can sometimes feel like too much. As a parent with two teenage sons, I know the stress of trying to wrangle kids off their devices to have them do chores or even settle down for bedtime. The struggle is real! If left unc

How To Protect Your Smartphone, Tablets, and Laptops From The Summer Heat

With the first day of Summer making its debut today, it’s time to break out the hats and sunscreen to prepare ourselves for scorching temperatures. And make sure you don't forget your favorite tech devices… they need protection from the heat too! The summer heat can cause damage to your mobile devices when left out in the sun. Don't worry! Your favorite tech expert is here to drop some knowledge and help you prevent your smart devices from melting down. Check out these quick

How to Fix Common Windows and Macintosh Laptop Problems That Are Driving You Crazy

If you're like most people, your laptop is probably one of the most important pieces of technology you own. Your laptop offers many options as you can use it for many functions such as work, recreation, and relaxation. Like most pieces of modern technology, your laptop should (Windows and Macintosh) should run smoothly without any problems. However, in this period of the digital age, we sometimes overwork our laptops which can cause problems as well as just getting a lemon

How To Improve Your Internet Safety and Privacy

June is National Internet Safety Month which is an annual initiative by federal and state governments specifically dedicated to educating people on internet safety and promoting safe online practices and behavior. When you use the internet, you need to focus on creating habits that will help you protect your online privacy and security. Good habits protect your online privacy and strengthen your security, while the bad ones put you at risk to have your information and devices

How to Encrypt The Data on Your Computers, Smartphones, and Tablets

If you're in the habit of carrying any device such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet in your everyday travels, you really need to consider enabling data encryption on those gadgets. Data encryption is widely used by large corporations to protect user information and is starting to become more common with individual users. Encryption works by scrambling your device's data in the event a criminal steals your tech. It is one of the best ways to make sure the information that

How to Know When a Virus Takes Over Your Computer, Tablet, or Smartphone

There are many cyber threats on the Internet such as phishing schemes, credential stuffing, crypto-jacking, and cloud hacking, but nothing is as dangerous as having your computer, or smartphone infected with a virus. Devices unfortunately do many things that can make you think you have a virus on your devices such as failure to start, a slow device, or unknown error messages that appear out of nowhere. Most viruses make themselves known once they are infecting your gadgets,


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