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You've got tech questions, we've got tech solutions. Our blog features articles that are designed to help you get the most out of the technology you use in your daily lives. Feel free to pass along these computer tips & tech tips to your not-so-savvy family members & friends to help them become better Windows, Macintosh, smartphone & Tablet users.

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How Can You Protect Your Personal Data?

International Data Privacy Day takes place every year on the 28th of January. The purpose of this day is the raise awareness and improve...

How To Avoid Getting Sent to Facebook Jail

Friends, I'm embarrassed to share I'm a felon .... a Facebook felon. A few weeks ago, I was placed in Facebook Jail for 7 days for...

How to Secure Your Holiday Technology Gifts

It doesn't matter if you're getting some smart home items, computers, phones, or tablets for holiday gifts, you need to remember to set...

How Technology Is Making Our Lives Miserable

Can you imagine going about various tasks in your day-to-day life without the help of some form of technology? Technology has become so...

How to Conquer Technology Fatigue

In an effort to help my company Integral stay relevant and top of mind as well as helping people solve technical issues with their...

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