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What Are Some Awesome and Useful Back to School Apps for Parents and Students?

Back to school will almost be back to normal this school year. It doesn't matter if your kids are taking classes in person or virtually, it can be tough for parents to stay organized and help kids keep track of assignments. Students often have a difficult time with their class load. Thankfully technology can help parents and students alike stay on top of things this school year. Here are some useful apps that will help keep your family on track this school year. Acellus Acad

How Can I Store My COVID Vaccination Card My Smartphone?

If you took the plunge and got your 'Fauci Ouchie' your vaccination card is the official record that you were fully vaccinated. Unfortunately, that vaccination card is a flimsy piece of paper that won't last long in a purse, let alone a sweaty wallet in a back pocket. It's bigger than a driver's license and most credit cards, which means it won't last long in your purse or wallet. Current smartphones allow you to keep limited medical information on them, so why not keep your

How Can I Keep My Banking Accounts Safe From Hackers?

If you're reading this blog, you probably bank online. It's so darned convenient to be able to sit on a computer or pull out your smartphone to check your balance, transfer funds, and deposit checks. While online banking has made life easier for you to stay on top of your finances, it also makes it easier for thieves to see what's going on with your money and even help themselves to your hard-earned cash. Banks do their job to make sure your accounts are safe, but you need

What Tech Gadgets Can I Get To Protect My Home When I'm on Vacation?

I love vacations, but one of the things that makes me nervous is our home is unoccupied. I do all of the usual things you're supposed to do to make your home look occupied such as making sure mail and packages are collected, keep the lawn trimmed, and making sure lights are on timers. Anything could happen while you’re away. Thanks to our digital world, there are now a plethora of devices and gadgets available to help protect your home from burglars while you're enjoying a mu

How Can I Keep My Personal Data Safe During Summer Vacations?

Vacations are an exciting, happy time for you to get away and tune out the everyday worries of your day-to-day work and home routine. Before you head out for a day trip, stateside vacation, or international vacation you need to take some steps to prevent your personal information from being stolen. There are things you need to be cautious with such as, who you book your vacation with, how you use your tech devices, and what you share on your social media accounts. If you're

How Can I Protect My Computers, Smartphone, and Other Devices When I Travel?

Summer is here and with it, comes summer day trips and extended vacations. If you're like me, your gadgets are a part of your everyday life which means if you travel, you're bound to take devices like, smartphones, laptops, digital cameras, tablets, and e-readers with you. I'm sure one of your worse nightmares is if something happened to your devices while you're traveling and it should be of concern. Every year, thousands of devices are stolen, lost, or damaged while peo

How Can I Reduce My Computer and Technology Power Consumption?

Ever wondered why your utility bill is so high? Even if you make a habit of turning off lights when you leave a room, you will probably be shocked at the number of things that are draining energy in your home or office. Did you know that up to 50% of your tech devices are using power even when they are turned off? Your gadgets you love are actually "energy vampires" that use electricity even when you think they are powered off. With the summer months approaching, I'm sure you

Why Can't I Delete My Online Accounts?

I'm sure one of the most frustrating things you experience with your tech devices is the inability to delete or clean up those old online accounts. Just think about how many of those sites have your information. If you're like me, there's a ton of websites and services you haven't used in years or barely use. You can't just delete an app off of your computer or smart device to delete an account. Also, the more online accounts you have, the more you're at risk of hackers ge

Can I Stop Ransomware From Infecting My Devices?

I’m sure you have read about the ransomware attacks that occurred against the Colonial Pipeline that caused them to shut down production. This attack was the reason behind people hoarding gasoline a situation that looked similar to last year's toilet paper panic at the beginning of the pandemic. Ransomware attacks have been on the rise for years now and it is not showing any signs of slowing down and everyone is a target. If you want to keep your personal or business devices

How Do I Reset My Windows Computer Back to Factory Defaults?

A couple of weeks ago, I shared some tips to help Macintosh users set their computers back to factory defaults. Just to make sure my fellow Windows users don't feel left out, I will share the same tips with you. If you're getting rid of an old computer, it's important to completely wipe your data from it. A factory reset will return it to its 'out of the box' state, with your files, programs, and profile setup all removed. Check out my quick and easy tips to help you reset

How Will the Global Chip Shortage Affect Me?

The Covid-19 pandemic has created chaos in the production of many products we use in our day-to-day life including semiconductors. How does this affect you? Well, semiconductors are one of the important components in the electronics you use at home and work. Smartphones, computers, cars, and tablets are just a few of the items that rely on computer semiconductors and chips. Production slowed down some tech items, reducing supply. During the pandemic, demand suddenly incre

How Can I Tell If My Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet is Failing?

For many of you, your lives now depend on the longevity and health of your tech devices, especially your smartphones, tablets, and laptops. When you experience problems, it's a cause for panic because these devices are just supposed to work, right? You probably didn't know this, but your devices are designed to give you warning signs when they are in the process of failing. You don't have to be a tech expert to see these signs and it's helpful to recognize them to prevent d

How Can I Stop Apps From Tracking Me on My Android and iPhone?

It's common knowledge that big tech companies like Facebook, Google, or Twitter are tracking you through the apps you're using on your smartphones and tablets to target you with ads. When these companies know your personal habits such as where you live, where you shop, and what you do for entertainment, it helps them personalize ads that are directly targeted to you. Fortunately, companies like Android and Apple are stepping up to the plate to help keep your information and

How Can I Reset My iMac, Mac Mini Macbook Pro, Macbook Air to Factory Defaults?

With Spring in full swing, you're probably in decluttering mode and ready to sell or get rid of your older Apple products. If I were to guess, you're holding on to those old devices because you don't want your personal information on them to fall into the wrong hands. Performing a factory reset is something you need to do before you sell or give any device. This process will wipe out the hard drive and delete all of your files and other areas where your Mac products store

Should I Get Insurance for My Smartphone?

If you're like me, your smartphone plays a huge part in your life. Not only does it help you stay connected to family and loved ones, but it's a great tool that allows you to stay connected to your financial accounts, email, and most importantly games. The average smartphone costs start at about $800 and the repair of most smartphones can range between $300-$400, which makes it a huge out-of-pocket expense when it breaks. Rather than risking a large expense if something goes

How Can I Protect My Personal Information from Data Scraping?

Are you one of the millions of people who are worried about the data breaches that have occurred with Facebook, Linkedin, Clubhouse, and Qlink Wireless? Well, the good news is none of these companies has recently been breached. The bad news is cybercriminals have resorted to a 'data scraping' to obtain your personal information off social media to either sell the highest bidder or to use it to target you with personal cyber-attacks to get your money. How can you protect yo

How Can I Keep Hackers Out Of My Computer, Smartphone, and Tablet?

Cyber attacks are at an all-time high and hackers are always looking for new ways to get access to your devices. Criminals know there's important data stored on your gadgets. Think of all of the passwords you store on your tech devices, as well as the sensitive sites like your bank you use your devices to connect to on a daily basis. It makes sense that you want to keep that information out of prying eyes, if you don't, you risk cyber crooks stealing your personal and finan

How You Can Spring Clean Your Computers, Smartphones, and Tablets

It's been a year since the COVID 19 pandemic forced all of us to rely on our computers and associated devices for work and school. Most modern tech devices don't need a 'tune up', but as we into Spring, it's a good time for cleaning. So when you start to do a deep cleaning on your living space, take a few minutes to follow these steps to spring clean all items associated with your digital lifestyle. Avoid computer and app cleaning products: it's Tempting to purchase do it all

How to Set up Two Factor Authentication to Protect Your Devices and Online Accounts

Any online account you have is at risk of being hacked. It doesn't matter if it's social media, financial or an email account, if you can log on to any computer or device to access it, means that any cybercriminal can get access to it as well. Numerous large-scale data breaches and theft of tech devices over the years have forced big tech companies to create a system that will help keep your online accounts safe. Strong passwords are always a must, but 2 Step or Two-factor

How Can I Set up a Guest Wi-Fi Network for My Home or Office?

When you have people visit your house or your office, normally the first question is “What’s your WiFi password?” You've probably handed out your password to anyone that enters your house, or place of business but that isn't a good idea. Inviting people to log into your network could potentially give people access to important information on your devices as The best solution to allow people access to the Internet while visiting your home is to set up a guest WiFi network. If


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