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What Are Some Awesome and Useful Back to School Apps for Parents and Students?

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Back to school will almost be back to normal this school year. It doesn't matter if your kids are taking classes in person or virtually, it can be tough for parents to stay organized and help kids keep track of assignments. Students often have a difficult time with their class load. Thankfully technology can help parents and students alike stay on top of things this school year. Here are some useful apps that will help keep your family on track this school year.

Acellus Academy. If you're looking to home-school your kids this year and don't want to worry about lesson plans, turn to Acellus. They offer Kindergarten through senior year accredited online learning program. Your student can take lessons for a Windows or Macintosh computer as well as Android and Apple devices. There's a parent mode, that allows you to easily check in on their progress. (

Kahn Academy: The Kahn Academy promises free education for everyone. Parents can use this as a home school tool and students can use this resource to look up answers to homework assignments. (