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How To Fix Common Mac Problems

If you're a Mac owner like me (yes, as I'm a tech guru who owns several Mac products) you know they are very reliable computers. It's few and far between that you have to worry about issues with your Mac, but when you do, like most computer issues it always happens at the worse time. If you know how to fix common issues that can occur with your Macintosh computer and Mac OS, you can save yourself some headaches and get back on the road to being productive. At Integral, we've tackled just about every problem that can occur on Apple products. Here are some quick and easy tips to help you solve common problems with your Mac.

My Mac won't power up. If your Mac won’t start, here are a few things you can try:

  • If you have an iMac or Mac Mini, make sure you plug your Mac directly into the wall. Most of you are using surge protectors and power strips to plug all your tech devices into and sometimes these strips go bad. Plugging your wall outlet ensures you are getting power.

  • If you have a MacBook or MacBook Air, check the power and make sure the other end of the charger cord is securely connected to your Mac. If you're sure it's plugged in, try another charger cord.

  • Change Outlets. Sometimes homes are susceptible to electrical failure. If your Mac won’t start, try plugging it into a differen