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Don't Believe These Data Recovery Myths!

Ever since people have relied on desktops, smartphones, tablets, and laptops, there has been a huge misunderstanding about hard disk drives and how they work, and how they can be repaired when they fail. It's my experience that when people encounter problems with their tech devices, the last option is to seek help from a professional. Many of you will seek out a computer-savvy friend or a tech hobbyist which puts you at risk of getting poor advice or gives you misguided information about how to properly recover your personal data in the event of a disk failure. In my latest blog post, I will discuss some of the myths about data recovery that have managed to spread like COVID to help you stay informed of your options in case you are faced with attempting to recover your data.

Myth #1: Put the dead hard drive in a freezer to get it “working” again. This myth originated back in the earlier times of personal computers. Older hard drives would fail because the read/write head would get stuck if the drive overheated. Freezing the hard drive would cool the drive long enough to for you to get information off of it. If this process were attempted on a newer mechanical drive or a solid-state hard drive, it would cause more damage than good making it harder to get the information off the drive.

Myth #2: Give It a Good Smack. Sean Connery infamously quoted back in the late 80s that "Sometimes a woman needs a good smack". This should NEVER be the case for women and it also applies to your hard drive too. Again, this is a trick that may work on older hard drives, but if you attempt this with a newer mechanical hard drive, you will ruin the drive ... much like you would ruin your relationship with your partner. If you tried this with a solid hard drive, it