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What Are Some Online Safety Tips For My Kids This School Year?

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I know you probably have a full plate with back-to-school time as this year promises to be another mix of in-person and virtual learning but in our digital society, there is something that parents neglect to do on a regular basis and that is to make sure you keep your children are educated on ways to stay safe online this school year. Your school-age students face many online threats during the school year. Threats like theft of their gadgets can cause undue stress as well as phishing attempts from cybercriminals, cyberbullying from malicious classmates, encountering drug dealers, and even sexting. You can help your children stay ahead of these threats by taking steps to keep them safe as well as making them more cyber aware. Check out these quick and easy tips to help limit online dangers to your kids this school year.

1. Get to know their devices. Parents are always looking for the best parental control software, but the best parental control you can offer your kids' devices is simply talking to them to explain what's going on online. You may think you're being a snooping parent when you look at your kid's devices, but you should. When you do this, you get an understanding of how they use their devices and where they are spending their time online. Also, get to know what apps they download and the games they are playing. You should check how they are interacting with people online. Are they engaging with strangers? Are they playing games just to chat in direct messenger? You should know the passwords to all of their online accounts. You won't be a