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How to Use Your Web Browser’s Password Manager

If you’re not already using a password manager, it’s time to start. In our digital world, there are many passwords you have to remember for all of your online accounts. It can become overwhelming which is why you might be tempted to use the same passwords for all of your online accounts. You want to avoid this practice as it's what cybercriminals are hoping you do so it makes it easier for them to break into your online accounts. There are many password managers on the market, but the one you should look at is the password manager of your favorite web browser. It doesn't matter what you use to surf the web, you can store your passwords in the browser and keep your online accounts secure. Check out these quick and easy tips to use your browser's password managers.

The list of mainstream browsers with built-in password managers includes Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Brave. I should note that no browser has a better password manager than another. You want to stick with your favorite browser. No reason to make things more difficult, right?

Edge. If you didn't know, Edge is the default web browser in Windows. It used to be Internet Explorer, but that is no longer supported. To set up the password manager in Edge, do the following: