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How to Fix The Most Common Internet and Network Issues When Your Family is 'Working From Home'

Before the pandemic, having Internet and networking issues weren't always a big deal. If you had problems, you could always rely on your Internet service at the office or have the kids surf and stream on their mobile devices. Now with many of you working remotely and homeschooling, spotty or, no Internet is the equivalent of trying to ice skate uphill. The Internet now is the lifeblood that helps keep your family employed, educated, and entertained which is why it's importan

How Can Remote Employees Stay Productive and Sane in 2021?

Last year was interesting, to say the least. Before the pandemic, businesses were running normally. Then overnight, many companies transitioned their workforce to work remotely. When you're working from home, you may not be able to use the same equipment and support you enjoyed when working at your office. Maybe your home computer or Internet service isn't as robust as it was in your office. Also, cyber-criminals are aware that as a remote worker, you don't have the same pr

6 Technology Resolutions Everyone Needs to Make in 2021

The New Year is right around the corner and I'm sure most of you have already decided on your resolutions. Let's face it, 2020 was tough. A fresh start is what many of you are looking for in 2021, so when you resolve to make positive changes to your personal life, take a moment to make some resolutions for your digital life as well. Just like good personal habits help you live a longer and fuller life, good tech habits help your technology last longer and prevents you from f

How to Properly Recycle All of Your Old Holiday Computers and Electronics

There is no better time than the Holiday Season to start recycling your old gadgets. It's this time of the year when you're most likely to receive at least a few electronic items as gifts I know many of you just hold onto your old electronics because you don’t know what to do with them. Because of this, your gear usually ends up in the basement or in the attic where they never get used again. You can get rid of your tech clutter in your home and even your office and protect

How to Avoid Phishing Scams This Holiday Season

I know I've been writing about scams for the past couple of weeks, but the pandemic has cybercriminals crawling out of the woodwork to take advantage of all of the chaos COVID19 has caused. With many of you working from home, there has been a rise in phishing scams. which used to target only individuals and the elderly, but now criminals want to take advantage of those of you who are no longer under the protective umbrella of your corporate IT department. Phishing scams come

What Back-to-School and Stay-at-Home Tech Items Do My Kids Need This School Year?

With the COVID-19 pandemic, your kid's classroom experiences are going to look a lot different this school year. Some school districts are planning class as usual, some are planning to stick with online classes to prevent the spread of coronavirus, and I know some of you are planning to look at homeschooling options as well. While some school districts provide laptops, hot spots, and other equipment to students many still expect students to have their own gadgets to be able

How Can I Keep Track of My Pets?

We can all agree that pets are extended members of our family. We have two dogs and a cat that spend time outside. Sometimes curiosity gets the better of them and they decide to take a stroll around the block. It's heart wrenching when we lose track of our fur babies, but thanks to technology and GPS location services, it's a lot easier to keep track of your pets if they decide to explore the neighborhood and beyond. Here are some of the best choices to keep up with your pe

How Can I Protect Myself From Ransomware?

I’m sure you have read about the massive virus attack that has infected over 200,000 computers in at least 150 countries over the past few days. If not, let me update you. This vicious attack occurred Friday and came in the form of ransomware code-named “WannaCry” that targeted Windows computers and infected everything from government computers, FedEx offices in the US, and hospitals in the U.K. Ransomware is one of the worst types of viruses because it encrypts or locks fi

How Can I Clean Up My Computers and Tech Devices Before I Recycle Them?

Earth Day is almost here and it's a great time to discuss responsible recycling of technology devices once it has reached the end of its life. All of us have heard the horror stories about someone buying a used tech device at a flea market or garage sale and then finding tons of personal information left on the device by the previous owner. Just as you take steps to shred important documents before you throw them away, you need take this same approach when recycling your devi

How Can I Backup My Computer and Keep My Information Safe?

March 31st, is World Backup Day, the day we technology folks remind you of how important it is to back up your data. The main message to remember on World Backup Day is Your data is more valuable than Your Device! Hardware is cheap and getting cheaper. You know what's expensive or even priceless? That term paper you spent three weeks writing, the $1,000 in music and movies you have on your hard drive, and the digital video of your little boy or girl's first step. You can get

How Can I Perform Maintenance On My Computer?

With so many tech devices in our lives these days, it's important to stay on top of maintenance that needs to be done periodically on your computer, smarthphone and tablets to keep things running smoothly. Here's a look at some tasks that are often put on the back burner, but should really be carried out regularly. 1. Update your Wi-Fi router. If you're experiencing slow Wi-Fi speeds, spotty connections, updating your router can help. Routers usually have a life of 5 years, s

Why Shouldn't I Use My Work E-mail as My Personal E-Mail?

Hey Everyone! Most jobs come with an email address, but just because it has your name on it, that doesn't mean it's yours. It's tempting to use your work email everywhere, but it's not a good idea. Here are some reasons not to use your work email as a personal mail account: Your email address is the gateway into your personal life. You use your email address to sign into social media accounts, financial accounts and a host of other accounts that contain your personal informa

Should I Give Someone Remote Access To My Computer?

Hey Everyone! Remote computer access is the best thing in the world next to sliced bread. We use it everyday in our business and it's used by almost all legitimate computer and technical support companies to access your computer remotely from their office without the need to go to your exact location. One of the best aspects of this is that it also allows you, to watch what we are doing and how we are doing it. This can be very instructive also since you get to learn what we'

How Can I Unplug for National Day of Unplugging?

Hey Everyone! Looking for a way to disconnect from the technology you use in your daily life? You're in luck! National Day of Unplugging begins this Friday at sundown and lasts 24 hours. Created by the non profit group Reboot, every year they ask individuals, families and communities to reconnect by eliminate or to reduce technology use for a 24 period to remind people to take a break from all things digital. Today's technology has a positive impact on our lives, but it's ul

What Do I Need to Check Before I Buy a Used Smartphone or Tablet?

Hey Everyone! Buying used technology such as a smartphone or tablet is a great way to save money. Before you make that purchase, there are several things you need to watch out for such as outdated tech to stolen tech. Here are some things you should look for before purchasing a second hand device. Do NOT Buy something older than 3 Years. Even if the device's hardware is in good shape, there is a big risk that you won't be able to load it with the recent operating system. Whe

What Apps Can I Use to Have A Great Valentine's Day?

Hey Everyone! Pulling off the perfect Valentine's Day requires just the right balance of preparation and romance. But how can you manage that in today's busy world? Whether you need to order flowers or send a card and plan the perfect date, your dream Valentine's Day is just a download away. Groupon. This app will help you discover and save on 1000s of great deals at nearby restaurants, spas, things to do, shopping, travel and more. A great way to plan the perfect Valentine's

How Can I Protect Myself from IRS Scams and Tax Fraud?

Hey Everyone! The tax season is here and it's time to get your 'file' on. Keep your wits about you this season because cybercriminals are waiting to take advantage of you. These scammers use this time of year to commit identity theft and tax fraud and they use several methods to steal your information. Here is a list of ways that cybercriminals steal your identity and three tips to protect yourself this tax season. Here's how cybercriminals try to steal your information: Emai

What Tech Toys Will Help Me Get the Most Out of The Super Bowl?

Hey Everyone! Super Bowl Sunday is almost here! It's estimated more than 110 million people will watch it on TV, and millions more sports fans will listen to it on the radio, stream it live, or watch online sports commentators and highlight videos. If you're having a Super Bowl party, going to one, or just going to enjoy it at home, here are a few tech tips that will give you maximum enjoyment out of the game. 1. Get The Right TV. It's not really the Super Bowl without a big-

What Type of Laptop Should I Purchase?

A lot of efforts are made by computer and laptop manufactures to create a divide between their home and business product lines. Most consumers are better investing in business class computers because these computers offer a lot of computing power and durability. Not convinced? Here are some things to consider: They Are Built to Last. If you want a notebook that can survive drops and spills, a business system is more likely to take the abuse. Lenovo, for instance, equips a nu

How Can I Protect My Computer and Technology In Cold Weather?

Are you like me that you're guilty of leaving your laptop and other technology devices in your car? It's convenient if you carry a lot of tech gear, but it's not good to do it on a cold winter day. You may not realize it, but freezing temps can be just as dangerous to gadgets - if not more so - as the Summer heat. The safe range for tech devices is 50° to 95° Fahrenheit or 10° to 35° Celsius. The winter months regularly dip way below that temperature range. Want to keep you


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