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Do I Need Personal Cyber Insurance For Cyberattacks?

Although the internet has made your life easier, there are definitely risks involved in surfing the web. There are many threats you face daily such as spam emails, hijacked websites, and compromised social media accounts which can cause identity theft and a loss of money. With all of the dangers on the internet, you're probably wondering if now is the time to invest in cyber insurance. Depending on your situation and risks, it could be a good idea to look into it. Check out this post to see if you need to get cyber insurance for yourself and your family.

What is cyber insurance?

Cyber insurance, also known as cybersecurity insurance has been around since 2017 was first created to cover the millions of dollars of damage companies suffer due to hacks and data breaches. Not long after, cyber insurance was created for individuals. . Most cyber insurance policies will cover damages and expenses related to cybercrime, including:

  • Identity theft