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How Technology Can Make Your Christmas and New Years Merry and Bright

If you plan to celebrate the holidays, traveling, working, or at home entertaining through to the new year, having reliable technology is important to ensure make sure you can accomplish your goals. Technology that makes sure you can stream your favorite holiday tunes, make your flights to your holiday destination, and keep up with what's going on in the office plays a big part in this digital world we live in. If you need help with making sure your technology helps you stay relaxed, productive, and merry, check out these quick and easy tips to help make sure your gadgets make you happy this holiday season.

Strengthen Your Wifi Signal. It doesn't what your goals are for using the Internet, you won't accomplish anything if you have a weak Internet signal. A weak wifi signal means you can't make video calls to co-workers, plan trips or stream holiday movies. Nothing beats having your entire home or office wired for the Internet, but not everyone has that benefit. You may have had an IT knowledgeable friend suggest getting a bigger router, but most routers will only cover up to 2,500 square feet. There are two solutions. First, make sure you're getting