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How to Protect Your New Holiday Tech Gifts

Internet-connected devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, and smart home devices are always among the season’s hottest gifts. It doesn't matter what holiday you celebrate in the season of light, you can never go wrong with gifts that allow you and your family to stay connected in our digital world. One of the challenges with technology is we get the impression they break a few months after purchase or you're having to purchase the same item the following year because the device is obsolete. Whether you’re giving or receiving tech, check out these quick and easy tips that will help you keep your devices well after you get them.

Get protective cases for all your portable tech. Doesn't it seem like all portable device items are made of crystal? Yes, it does especially if you drop your smartphone, laptop or tablet. A good protective case goes a long way to make sure your tech is safe. Considering the cost of repair for tech devices, you can ensure your mobile devices will last a long time.

Enable parental controls for those younger family