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How To Have a High Tech Halloween

Hey Everyone! Halloween is right around the corner! If you're like me, there's nothing like enjoying caramel apples, watching scary movies, kids and adults in costume, and late-night spooky hey rides. nights u If you're looking to increase the fun and spooky factor for your home or office, consider adding some unique gadgets to liven things up. In this digital age, there are plenty of apps and gadgets to choose from, but I'm sure you struggle with which ones to get. Don't worry, check out my recommendations for the best tech devices to make your Halloween more enjoyable.

1. Relive App. The Relive app is primarily designed for outdoorsy people to keep a video and GPS log of their adventures when they hike or exercise, but this app can be used for any activity including Trick or Treating. If you're a parent, you can go out with your kids and keep a video and GPS log of your children's trick or trick journey. You can also use it for any other outdoor Halloween activity such as hayrides, pub crawls. Once you're done with your journey, you can piece the video footage together, add music and graphics and share it on social media for friends and family to see.

2. Alexa Show/Google Nest Home. If you keep up with me, you know how much I love smart home hubs such as the ones made by Amazon and Google. These devices allow you to do a variety of things like stream spooky Halloween music from Amazon Music, Google, Pandora, and Spotify. Stream in one room or multiple rooms and have a play list for that Halloween party. You can also play Halloween-themed games as well monitor wireless cameras and smart doorbells to check for Trick or Treaters. An added bonus is you can control any smart lights connected to your smart home which leads me to .....

3. Philips Smart Lights. Phillips is the leader in smart home lights for indoors or outdoors. When connected to your smart home, you can control the color of the lights (think spooky red or pumpkin orange), you can set timers to control when your lights turn on and off. You have a variety of bulbs and light strips to choose from which allow you to customize the Halloween lighting situation in your home or office.

4. Find My Kids App and Watch. If you're wanting your little bird to get out and spread their wings this Halloween with some solo trick or treating, you might want to consider some GPS tracking technology. Before you slap a Tile or an Apple AirTag on your child, keep in mind these devices only use Bluetooth which means your child has to be near a Bluetooth device in order for you to know their location. For up-to-the-minute location updates for your child, you need to invest in an Apple Watch with a cellular connection or a Garmin Watch. You can also opt for the Find My Kids tracker App. Teamed with their GPS watch, it's a great way to know exactly where your child is when trick or treating.

5. Ring Video Doorbell. If you're handing out candy this year, a video doorbell can alert you when trick or treaters are approaching your home. These devices come in handy especially if you have sporadic goblins that show up to your door for treats which means you don't have to hang out by the door all evening. You can also use this gadget if you have troublesome goblins who want to wreak havoc to your home. Video doorbells like Ring can save the video to the cloud, allowing you to review footage and share with law enforcement if things get out of hand. Also, consider Ring's Wireless Video Cameras for complete home or office coverage.

6. NextDoor App. The NextDoor app can keep you alert to what's going on in your neighborhood and this includes who's handing out candy in your area. If you want to map out your child's route before they head out, use this app to help plan a safe course for your little ones when they venture out for candy this year.

With some of the tech items listed above, you should have a spooky and fun Halloween. With these products, you'll have bragging rights to your neighbors as well, a memorable and safe holiday for you and your family members.

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