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Technologies and Devices That May Become Obsolete in 2022

New Year's Day always celebrates out with the old and in with the new and that's a refreshing thought as you begin to think of getting rid of old habits and starting up new habits. When it comes to your tech devices, it's another story as your tech devices. Tech never lasts forever as big tech companies are always looking for ways to push shiny devices in your face and as a result, it means your favorite tech gadgets will no longer be supported. Worried about what's going away? Check out these devices and technologies that may become obsolete and disappear this year.

BlackBerry. I know many of you probably think Blackberry has been obsolete for years, but there is a small community of people who have been hanging onto an older BlackBerry phone running BlackBerry OS. If you have used a Blackberry for years, that changes because BlackBerry is ending support for legacy services for BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry PlayBook OS.