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Technologies and Devices That May Become Obsolete in 2022

New Year's Day always celebrates out with the old and in with the new and that's a refreshing thought as you begin to think of getting rid of old habits and starting up new habits. When it comes to your tech devices, it's another story as your tech devices. Tech never lasts forever as big tech companies are always looking for ways to push shiny devices in your face and as a result, it means your favorite tech gadgets will no longer be supported. Worried about what's going away? Check out these devices and technologies that may become obsolete and disappear this year.

BlackBerry. I know many of you probably think Blackberry has been obsolete for years, but there is a small community of people who have been hanging onto an older BlackBerry phone running BlackBerry OS. If you have used a Blackberry for years, that changes because BlackBerry is ending support for legacy services for BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry PlayBook OS.

eReaders. eReader sales have been in a steady decline for the past several years. With the emergence of eReader apps and larger screens for smartphones and tablets, people are satisfied with using one device to handle most of their technical tasks rather than having a single device for each tech chore.

Dashboard mounted GPS Devices. GPS isn't going anywhere. It better not because I would never find any destination. Think about it, when was the last time you saw someone with a TomTom or Garmin mounted to their dash? When making a journey from point A to Point B, your in-dash GPS or smartphone is your device of choice.

3G connectivity. Like it or not, 5G connectivity is taking over in 2022. 4G will still be around, but 3G will be no more. Many tech devices such as smartphones, tablets, medical devices will be affected by this change. Check with your device provider to see if your device will work without 3G.

Wired audio devices. The emergence of Bluetooth has pretty much spelled the end of devices that use headphones and connected speakers. It's also made its way into automobiles which helps create an environment that helps you keep your tech connected to your car keeping you safe. With smartphones no longer being manufactured with headphone jacks and more wireless products showing up on shelves, it won't be long before wired headphones and speakers are gone.

USB-A ports. USB C is becoming the standard USB port on tech devices. It doesn't matter if you have a Windows or Mac laptop or an Android phone, the USB C is the go-to port. Also, the industry is begging for all tech devices to have one charging port. Once Apple makes an iPhone with a USB port, old-school USB ports will be gone like the Dodo Bird.

External Hard Drives Physical Storage. I'm sure you have an external hard drive or thumb drive laying around your house collecting dust. Cloud storage of your documents, photos, and videos on platforms like Google Docs, iCloud, or Microsoft Office 360 gives you peace of mind that you can access your devices anywhere in the world as well as not worrying about losing your USB Flash Drives or external hard drives.

Point-and-Shoot Digital Cameras. Smartphone cameras are so advanced, that many professional photographers and video creators are ditching their digital cameras for their smartphones. When was the last time you took your point-and-shoot camera on a family vacation?

Passwords. Thanks to fingerprint, eye, and facial scanning passwords could be phased out this year. Most tech devices such as Windows and Macintosh computers, as well as smartphones and tablets, use biometric recognition to authenticate your identity and enter passwords on your behalf. Also, the traditional use of passwords will go away with sites and devices requiring you to enter passphrases instead.

Keep in mind that just because a device becomes obsolete doesn't always mean that you will no longer be able to use those gadgets. Some devices can have a limited life. For example, for those tech devices that won't work on 3G, you may be able to connect those devices to Wifi and get limited use from them. However, for most devices it will mean you need to recycle those outdated devices responsibility It also means that you won't get help from the manufacture like you would a device that is supported.

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