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Remote Computer Repair & IT Support Services 

Get Remote Computer Repair IT Support & Managed Services.  We support people, computers, servers, networks, and much more.

What is remote computer support?

Maybe you don't have time to take your computer into a shop, you have a deadline, you value your privacy, or perhaps having a visit from an onsite technician is simply impractical. Whatever the reason, our remote support service is perfect for getting problems solved such as removing a virus infection, having software configured, figuring out why your computer is running SLLLOOOWWW, or if you’ve purchased a new PC and would like a hand configuring it.

So, doesn't matter where you live, there isn’t a place in the US that we don’t support.

What you should know about our remote computer support

Most things can be fixed remotely, however, if your device cannot connect to the internet then you’ll need a computer technician to pay you a visit.​ 

During your appointment, one of our qualified technicians will connect to your desktop, laptop or electronic device through the internet. We use a special piece of software that allows us remote control of your device but also allowing you to see what we’re doing at all times.​

At any point in the process, you can ask us technical questions and we’ll be happy to answer them.

The whole process is completely safe, we’ll never ask for email passwords etc, and our remote support is uninstalled after the session, effectively removing our access once the repair is finished.

We support the following devices:

Business Computers.jpg

All computers running Windows or Mac OSX


All Android & Apple Mobile phones


All Android & Apple Tablets


Remote Support for Computer Networks

So how do I get you to help me remotely?

One of our tech experts will connect to your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet through the Internet. Our remote access software will allow you to see what we're doing at all times. At any time during our remote session, you can ask us questions and we'll be happy to answer them. Most things can be fixed remotely, but if your computer or gadget can't connect to the Internet, we'll send a technician to you. 


Remote Computer Repair Prices

Remote Computer Repairs & IT Support Services

$90/Per Hour

Useful for software troubleshooting, program installation, and updates. We provide remote computer support for error messages, a slow computer, email problems, and much more. If your computer has high-speed internet and can still open a browser we can usually fix it remotely.

Note: For remote service, the hourly charge is also the minimum charge. After one-hour, billing is calculated in 15 minute increments rounded up. Some problems require on Site repair, during the consultation we will advise you what is needed.

Computer Repair Service

Customers all over love our services!

Our customers love us because we are attentive and listen to their needs. We pride ourselves on providing solutions to everyday technology challenges. That means that no matter what type of technology you use at home or work, we can help. 

It's rare to find IT experts who can work patiently and well with IT-frustrated or ignorant clients...and that rare blend of talent is Integral. In our many years together, Integral always demonstrates a fast grasp of my business needs--and more importantly--they know how to resolve every one of! They provide excellent work at a reasonable price and is totally reliable and infinitely trustworthy. All my entrepreneur referrals love them! If you're a start-up, small or mid-sized firm, or just a 'techno-tard,' hire them and to resolve your IT-management issues today.

Deb H.


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There are hundreds of companies out there that use words and terminology that only geeks would understand. Not us! We speak your language, listen, and always provide the best solution to your IT-related problem. With our unique combination of hardware, software, and human support we provide unparalleled solutions to your technical issues, regardless of device, in lightning-fast time.

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