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How Can I Use Meta AI?

Just when you thought you had enough AI in your life, Meta is raising the stakes in the AI arms race by releasing Meta AI. Like Open AI's ChatGPT, Google's Gemini, and Microsoft's Co-Pilot, Meta's web-based chatbot will allow you to do everything from creating a business plan, planning a social media calendar, meal prep, creating photos, and more. What makes Meta AI standout from other chatbots is not only can you visit the Meta AI website to interact with this generative chatbot, Meta AI is integrated into Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. If you're looking to find out how you can use this tool, read on to get more information.

Meta's AI chatbot was originally launched in September 2023. It has struggled since it's release to capture an audience. Now backed with its LLM (large language model) Llama 3, it’s designed to be as a standalone website and available across various Meta apps. The goal of Meta AI is to put AI in the hands of everyone who uses a Meta product, which equals to about 4 billion people.

How to Use Meta AI With Llama 3. Unlike other chatbots,, Meta AI is available to everyone – all you have to do is navigate to the page via a search engine and visit the website If you've used any chatbot website, you will recognize the interface. Meta's AI website will ask you to log in, but unlike other chatbot websites, you don't have to, which makes this one of the few fully free chatbots on the web. You will also notice that you have the option to create a "new conversation" or to "imagine". When you select the option to start a "new conversation", you have the option to ask Meta AI anything on your mind or to complete a task for you. If you select the option to "imagine", this allows Meta to know that you want it to "imagine" an image for you. This system helps Meta AI know if you want an output of text or images, which helps to scale down the AI prompt process. Meta AI is limited on images as of the time of this writing, you can't upload your images to have the chatbot scan them. Also, you can't modify your AI-generated images like you can in Co-Pilot, but Meta AI gives you the option to animate your images in essence allowing you to create your GIFs with motion.

How to Use Meta AI on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. It sounds odd, but you can also use Meta AI by simply using the search feature on Facebook Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. The idea is that you stay logged into these programs and apps as opposed to leaving and using Google (or any search engine or AI chatbot. You can also use the “@” meta AI to being it up. when typing in a group chat Message to ask it for recommendations, information, and ideas. One of the biggest challenges with Meta AI integrated in search, is that they’re mixed in with non-AI features, so it can be a little confusing to tell Meta AI from a standard seach. Looking to disable Meta AI from Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp, currently there's no way to do it.

Will AI prompts change for Meta AI? Prompts are the love language of AI and the more detailed your prompts, the better results you'll get. If you're looking to get into Meta AI, you can do a Google or AI search to find prompts to use to generate your desired text of images. This means if you've been using ChatGPT and want to get Meta a test drive, you can use the same AI prompts. Meta AI does have the prompt of "imagine" for image creation, but you can still use the prompt "Can you create a picture of xxxxx" and you will still get images.

Hopefully, this will help you get a better understanding of Meta AI for web browsers and Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. If you have any questions, please reach out. I'm always available.

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