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How to Clear Your Cache and Cookies

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

I'm sure you've heard the term computer cache (pronounced cash) and cookies when it's associated with your laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone. These items act as a memory bank for your devices storing the information that's collected from all of the websites you've visited as well as applications you run on your tech devices. While cookies and cache files are harmless to your devices, they can be a security threat to your personal and private information. Want to keep safe? Check out these quick and easy tips to keep your cookies and cache out of prying eyes.

When you clear out your cache and cookies on your devices regularly you will ensure that you are constantly using the updated website information that will better protect your personal information as well as also help your programs to run better and faster than before. It is for these reasons that I advocate clearing of your cache and cookies every few months or so.

One of the best tools you can use to clean out cookies on your devices is CCleaner. This program will clean out files from Windows, Macintosh, Android devices that can accumulate over time, such as cookies, temporary files, broken shortcuts, and more. Unfortunately, CCleaner can't be used on iOS devices, such as the Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad, because of the sandboxing requirement that was introduced by Apple. You can download it for Windows and Macintosh devices from ( For Android devices, visit the Google Play Store.

How to Easily Clear Out Your Cookies and Cache from Your Browers Manually

If you don't want to download a program like CCleaner, you can use the following instructions to keep your devices' browsers free of junk files.


In Firefox, select Tools→"Clear Recent History…" (In recent installations of Firefox for Windows you may find this under Firefox→History, or History→Clear Recent History, or Menu→Options→Privacy→Clear Recent History.)

For "Time range to clear" select "Everything."

Expand the Details section and uncheck everything except "Cache" and/or "Cookies."

Click "Clear Now."


In Chrome, on the menu on the right select "More Tools/Clear Browsing Data..."

For "Time range:" select "All time."

Uncheck "Browsing history," but keep "Cookies and other site data" and "Cached images and files" selected.

Click "Clear Data."

Safari Version 11 and Newer

If you're not sure which version of Safari you have, select "Safari--> About Safari" to find out.

To remove cookies, in Safari, select "Safari-->Preferences."

Select the "Privacy" tab.

In the "Cookies and website data" section click on "Manage Website Data..."

You can either remove all cookies or select specific ones and remove only those.

Click "Done."

To clear the cache, choose the "Advanced" tab in the "Safari-->Preferences" window.

Check the box at the bottom that says "Show Develop menu in the menu bar."

Close up Preferences and you will now have a "Develop" menu.

Choose "Empty Caches" from the "Develop" menu.

If you would like, you can hide the "Develop" menu by returning to Preferences and unchecking the box.

Microsoft Edge

In Microsoft Edge, select "Settings" from the menu on the right.

On the "Privacy, search, and services" tab in the "Clear browsing data" click on "Choose what to clear."

Set the "Time range" to "All Time."

Uncheck everything except "Cookies and other site data" and/or "Cached images and files."

Click "Delete."

Additionally, you can use 'In-Private Mode' or 'Incognito Mode' in your favorite web browser to keep your computer and devices cookie-free.

Criminals are always discovering and creating new ways to steal your private and personal information, therefore web designers and online stores are constantly updating their safety protocols and their online presence in order to make it safe for you to interact online via their websites.

By clearing out the cache and cookies on your computer you are optimizing the loading time for websites, aiding in clearing valuable space on your device as well as increasing the performance and safety of your computer and mobile gadgets.

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