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You've got tech questions, we've got tech solutions. Our blog features articles that are designed to help you get the most out of the technology you use in your daily lives. Feel free to pass along these computer tips & tech tips to your not-so-savvy family members & friends to help them become better Windows, Macintosh, smartphone & Tablet users.

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How Can I Protect My Personal Information from Data Scraping?

Are you one of the millions of people who are worried about the data breaches that have occurred with Facebook, Linkedin, Clubhouse, and Qlink Wireless? Well, the good news is none of these companies has recently been breached. The bad news is cybercriminals have resorted to a 'data scraping' to obtain your personal information off social media to either sell the highest bidder or to use it to target you with personal cyber-attacks to get your money. How can you protect yo

How Can I Keep Hackers Out Of My Computer, Smartphone, and Tablet?

Cyber attacks are at an all-time high and hackers are always looking for new ways to get access to your devices. Criminals know there's important data stored on your gadgets. Think of all of the passwords you store on your tech devices, as well as the sensitive sites like your bank you use your devices to connect to on a daily basis. It makes sense that you want to keep that information out of prying eyes, if you don't, you risk cyber crooks stealing your personal and finan

How You Can Spring Clean Your Computers, Smartphones, and Tablets

It's been a year since the COVID 19 pandemic forced all of us to rely on our computers and associated devices for work and school. Most modern tech devices don't need a 'tune up', but as we into Spring, it's a good time for cleaning. So when you start to do a deep cleaning on your living space, take a few minutes to follow these steps to spring clean all items associated with your digital lifestyle. Avoid computer and app cleaning products: it's Tempting to purchase do it all

How to Set up Two Factor Authentication to Protect Your Devices and Online Accounts

Any online account you have is at risk of being hacked. It doesn't matter if it's social media, financial or an email account, if you can log on to any computer or device to access it, means that any cybercriminal can get access to it as well. Numerous large-scale data breaches and theft of tech devices over the years have forced big tech companies to create a system that will help keep your online accounts safe. Strong passwords are always a must, but 2 Step or Two-factor

How Can I Set up a Guest Wi-Fi Network for My Home or Office?

When you have people visit your house or your office, normally the first question is “What’s your WiFi password?” You've probably handed out your password to anyone that enters your house, or place of business but that isn't a good idea. Inviting people to log into your network could potentially give people access to important information on your devices as The best solution to allow people access to the Internet while visiting your home is to set up a guest WiFi network. If

Can I Protect My Privacy on Clubhouse?

If you are active on social media, you have probably heard about the new social network Clubhouse. Any time a new social media app appears on the scene, there are always issues about your privacy and security. I'm sure many of you have the following questions: Will it give away my location? How much information will I have to share to get signed up? Am I OK with my kids signing up for Clubhouse? Check out my tips that will give you a quick overview of the privacy, safety,

How Can I Stop My Kids From Buying Drugs on Social Media?

When you think of cybercriminals, I'm sure the image that pops up in your head is a couple of geeks or nerds in the basement wrecking having by clicking a series of keys and hacking into you or your business's computers and network. Cybercrime has evolved over the years from geeks having fun to criminal organizations taking advantage of the reach of the Internet. During this pandemic, there is a new breed of criminals that have emerged - drug dealers. They are using the pow

How Can I Stop Robocalls and Spam Calls on My Mobile Phone and Landline?

During most of 2020, robocalls came to a screeching halt, but now these scam calls have come back with a vengeance. It doesn't matter if you receive calls about your car's warranty, your late payments to the IRS, or the fact that your computer has been infected with a deadly virus, they only have one goal and that is to trick you out of your hard-earned money. The reason these calls continue is that they are pretty successful. Research company Statista reported that American

Can I Share My Online Subscriptions With My Family and Friends?

It seems like every online service wants you to sign up for monthly or yearly subscriptions. Sure most are only small amounts of money, but if you sign up for multiple services, they can add up quickly to the point where those subscriptions can become expensive. In case you didn't know, a lot of services allow you to share a plan with your friends and family which everyone in your circle can save a little. Here are some popular services that let you share with your family and

What is Safer Internet Day?

Today is Safer Internet Day! Yes, I know, another holiday, but this event is designed to help you. Created in 2004, Safer Internet Day is designed to educate people about online safety issues on the web such as cyberbullying, social media scams, email scams, and identity theft. It's important that we all come together to help improve internet safety. As a tech expert who helps people with computers and associated gadgets, I've learned that a majority of Internet security i

How Can I Make My Home or Office Wireless Router More Secure?

Making sure your home and office wireless network is secure is essential, especially if you do sensitive work online. The last thing you want in this day and age is a stranger connected to your wireless router snooping on any sensitive information you may be working on. Also, it's important to maintain your router as it acts as a firewall, protecting you from the many threats that are lurking online. It's hard to cover all of the settings for every brand of router in a short

How To Avoid The Top Cybersecurity Threats For Homes & Businesses In 2021

As we evolve into more of a digital world, every year become worse because of cybercrime. With many of you and your businesses moving to a remote workforce because of the COVID19 pandemic, it has made criminals increase their focus on attacking both home and business users. 99% of crime requires user interaction which means if you take the time to educate yourself about the different cyber threats on the Internet, you can keep yourself and your business safe. Read on to see

How to Fix Frustrating Video, Microphone, & Headset Issues on Your Computer, Smartphone & Tablet

I'm sure over the past 10 months you've experienced some issues with your video, sound, and microphone during a webinar. There's nothing more annoying when participating in or hosting a Zoom or Skype meeting you have to deal with distorted video, choppy sound, crackling from your speakers, and viewers that can see you, but not hear you. As many of you might know, I host quite a few video meetings and conduct tech segments via video chat with local and national stations, whic

How to Fix The Most Common Internet and Network Issues When Your Family is 'Working From Home'

Before the pandemic, having Internet and networking issues weren't always a big deal. If you had problems, you could always rely on your Internet service at the office or have the kids surf and stream on their mobile devices. Now with many of you working remotely and homeschooling, spotty or, no Internet is the equivalent of trying to ice skate uphill. The Internet now is the lifeblood that helps keep your family employed, educated, and entertained which is why it's importan

How Can Remote Employees Stay Productive and Sane in 2021?

Last year was interesting, to say the least. Before the pandemic, businesses were running normally. Then overnight, many companies transitioned their workforce to work remotely. When you're working from home, you may not be able to use the same equipment and support you enjoyed when working at your office. Maybe your home computer or Internet service isn't as robust as it was in your office. Also, cyber-criminals are aware that as a remote worker, you don't have the same pr

6 Technology Resolutions Everyone Needs to Make in 2021

The New Year is right around the corner and I'm sure most of you have already decided on your resolutions. Let's face it, 2020 was tough. A fresh start is what many of you are looking for in 2021, so when you resolve to make positive changes to your personal life, take a moment to make some resolutions for your digital life as well. Just like good personal habits help you live a longer and fuller life, good tech habits help your technology last longer and prevents you from f

How to Properly Recycle All of Your Old Holiday Computers and Electronics

There is no better time than the Holiday Season to start recycling your old gadgets. It's this time of the year when you're most likely to receive at least a few electronic items as gifts I know many of you just hold onto your old electronics because you don’t know what to do with them. Because of this, your gear usually ends up in the basement or in the attic where they never get used again. You can get rid of your tech clutter in your home and even your office and protect

How to Avoid Phishing Scams This Holiday Season

I know I've been writing about scams for the past couple of weeks, but the pandemic has cybercriminals crawling out of the woodwork to take advantage of all of the chaos COVID19 has caused. With many of you working from home, there has been a rise in phishing scams. which used to target only individuals and the elderly, but now criminals want to take advantage of those of you who are no longer under the protective umbrella of your corporate IT department. Phishing scams come

What Back-to-School and Stay-at-Home Tech Items Do My Kids Need This School Year?

With the COVID-19 pandemic, your kid's classroom experiences are going to look a lot different this school year. Some school districts are planning class as usual, some are planning to stick with online classes to prevent the spread of coronavirus, and I know some of you are planning to look at homeschooling options as well. While some school districts provide laptops, hot spots, and other equipment to students many still expect students to have their own gadgets to be able

How Can I Keep Track of My Pets?

We can all agree that pets are extended members of our family. We have two dogs and a cat that spend time outside. Sometimes curiosity gets the better of them and they decide to take a stroll around the block. It's heart wrenching when we lose track of our fur babies, but thanks to technology and GPS location services, it's a lot easier to keep track of your pets if they decide to explore the neighborhood and beyond. Here are some of the best choices to keep up with your pe

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