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How to Set up Two Factor Authentication to Protect Your Devices and Online Accounts

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Any online account you have is at risk of being hacked. It doesn't matter if it's social media, financial or an email account, if you can log on to any computer or device to access it, means that any cybercriminal can get access to it as well. Numerous large-scale data breaches and theft of tech devices over the years have forced big tech companies to create a system that will help keep your online accounts safe. Strong passwords are always a must, but 2 Step or Two-factor authentication is a must for anyone who has an online or Internet-based account. Not sure how this feature can keep your information safe on the web? Read on to see how to enable it for your web-based accounts.

How does two-factor authentication work? Two Factor Authentication or 2FA it's a method that is an extra step in security when you're logging into your devices or online accounts. When you enable it, you'll be asked to enter your password as usual. Once you do, you'll receive a verification code in an email, phone call, or text message asking you to confirm that you are the one logging into your account. The confirmation is a code that you will need to enter into your account. This "2nd Step" is a layer of protection is designed to keep cybercriminals from signing in to your accounts, even if they have you