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How To Secure Your Online Gaming Accounts and Prevent Them from Getting Hacked

A few weeks ago, I was about to go live on-air with a TV interview and I got an alert that someone from out of state was trying to log into my Sony Playstation account. Fortunately, I had protections in place to make sure my account was secure. If you think that gaming only involves your kids playing Fortnite, Roblox, you're wrong. It also those games you play on your smartphones such as casino games, Wordle, or Words with Friends. Everything you do online is under constant siege and risk of attack. Criminals are always on the prowl looking for people with lucrative online accounts and digital data and that includes accounts and apps you and your family use for gaming. What can you do? Check out these quick and easy tips to keep your gaming accounts safe.

Why would anyone want access to your gaming accounts?

Whether you or your children play free or fee-based online games, criminals can get a lot of value from your accounts. Remember all those rewards and upgrades you have collected during many hours of playing games? Those rewards could be worth hundreds of dollars worth of prizes to cybercriminals. To make things more attractive, criminals know that most gaming accounts aren't difficult to access because many of you fail to use the most ba