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How to Fix 5G Network Not Showing Up On You Android or iPhone

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

5G cell service is here for most providers and if your phone supports it, you can experience lightning-fast speed as you would if you were sitting in front of your computer at home using fiber internet. This is especially good news if you're a rural customer as you can experience Internet speeds almost as fast as if you were living in the city. We've seen customers recently who have experienced 5G speeds slower than usual. The good news there are several easy ways to fix this problem. Need help because your 5G isn't working on your phone? Check out these quick and easy tips to help you connect to 5G.

1. Your phone may be too old. Just because 5G has rolled out doesn't mean your phone will work with it. Don't assume just because your phone is "newish" that you can connect to the 5G network. It's true that some phones that support 4G may work with 5G. To verify, take your phone to your provider or visit their website to search for the specs on your phone. A store or website visit will verify your phone will work with 5G.