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How To Celebrate 'Older Americans Month' by Empowering Our Seniors to Understand and Use Technology

The month of May has many holidays including Memorial Day, but did you know it's also 'Older Americans Month'. This holiday honors our senior adults by recognizing the challenges they faced while helping shape our country as well as helping empower them to help them live independently and to bring awareness to the challenges they face such as elder abuse. One of the biggest challenges seniors face is technology. The benefits of technology are endless, but constant changes that occur with technology make it difficult for seniors to keep up, especially when it comes to cyber security. Do you have an older adult in your life who struggles with technology? How about celebrating Older Americans Month by helping those seniors in your life who struggle with ever-changing technology.

Many seniors can feel left behind in our digital world. A lot of times, your favorite senior may have a hard time understanding the technical terms that are being tossed around. Most of the time, it's people who don't have the patience to translate those technology terms for older adults. but that doesn