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How Do I Reset My Windows Computer Back to Factory Defaults?

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A couple of weeks ago, I shared some tips to help Macintosh users set their computers back to factory defaults. Just to make sure my fellow Windows users don't feel left out, I will share the same tips with you. If you're getting rid of an old computer, it's important to completely wipe your data from it. A factory reset will return it to its 'out of the box' state, with your files, programs, and profile setup all removed. Check out my quick and easy tips to help you reset your Windows desktop or laptop computer back to factory defaults.

Before you perform a Factory Reset to your Windows computer, make sure you back up your documents, photos, music, and videos. If you're planning to give your computer to a family member or friend, keep in mind resetting your computer will also delete all of your installed programs. If you want the person who is getting your computer to have access to all of the programs you had on your computer, you'll need to give them the installation discs as well.