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What Back-to-School and Stay-at-Home Tech Items Do My Kids Need This School Year?

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

With the COVID-19 pandemic, your kid's classroom experiences are going to look a lot different this school year. Some school districts are planning class as usual, some are planning to stick with online classes to prevent the spread of coronavirus, and I know some of you are planning to look at homeschooling options as well. While some school districts provide laptops, hot spots, and other equipment to students many still expect students to have their own gadgets to be able to complete their assignments. Also, during this pandemic, it's important to have tech that can help keep your kids safe from infection. You know I'm always on top of what tech items are the best for every situation, so here is my of items to get regardless of where your kid is spending their school year.

If You're sending the kids back to school, here are the tech items you need: