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How To Protect Your Smartphone, Tablets, and Laptops From The Summer Heat

With the first day of Summer making its debut today, it’s time to break out the hats and sunscreen to prepare ourselves for scorching temperatures. And make sure you don't forget your favorite tech devices… they need protection from the heat too! The summer heat can cause damage to your mobile devices when left out in the sun. Don't worry! Your favorite tech expert is here to drop some knowledge and help you prevent your smart devices from melting down. Check out these quick and easy tips to help keep your devices cooler in the summer heat.

1. Know the "safe range" for temperatures. Most tech devices are good to go in temperatures of 50° to 90° Anything warmer than this is asking for trouble. Laptop, smartphone, and tablet batteries are notoriously not heat-friendly and the components of your delicate hard drive or internal storage might expand—sometimes causing permanent damage which puts you at risk of losing documents, photos, and music stored on your devices.

2. NEVER leave your tech devices in a hot car. Treat