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What Should You Do With Your Old Smartphone?

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

The era is 3G is coming to a close and if you owned a 3G smartphone, it's time to retire it and get a newer 4G or 5G phone. One of the drawbacks to getting a new smartphone regardless of its 4G or 5G is the ever-growing collection of old smartphones in your junk drawer. What's even worse, your old phone still functions, and throwing it away feels wasteful, especially if you've spent hundreds of dollars getting a new one. If you still have an old smartphone or two lying around, there are several things you can use them for. Check out these quick and easy tips to put those old smartphones to use and give them a new life.

How is it possible to use my old smartphone? Your smartphone is essentially a miniature supercomputer running either iOS or AnroidOS. Just like a computer, your smartphone can access any wifi network and perform functions like surfing the web, downloading apps and making video calls. In the case of a smartphone being retired because it can't access your 3G celluar network, it just means you can't access the web or make phone calls on your providers' network. For you, this means without your cell network, you'd have to connect to free wifi to perform any function on your phone. Your smartphone is designed to work on a celluar network and a wireless network, giving you more function and freedom on your phone when you're out and about.