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How Will the Global Chip Shortage Affect Me?

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The Covid-19 pandemic has created chaos in the production of many products we use in our day-to-day life including semiconductors. How does this affect you? Well, semiconductors are one of the important components in the electronics you use at home and work. Smartphones, computers, cars, and tablets are just a few of the items that rely on computer semiconductors and chips. Production slowed down some tech items, reducing supply. During the pandemic, demand suddenly increased on tech-related gadgets which created a shortage. When shortages occur, there's always the possibility that prices may skyrocket. Wondering what tech devices are affected? Check out this list of items that could be affected by the chip shortage and what you can do to save some money.

There is very little produced in this smart and highly connected digital age that doesn’t need some embedded computer parts. Some people have wondered if the chip shortage is real. It is, but every company is affected differently. Many companies order computer chips far in advance to keep up with supply and demand. Other companies order only when the need occurs which causes problems because chip manufacturers have to keep the promises to their long-standing customers while casual customers have to wait their turn in line. You're probably thinking why don't they just open a new factory to keep up with supply and demand. Easier said than done. Opening new production lines take months to build and costs billions of dollars. Here is a list of products that could be affected.