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How You Can Spring Clean Your Computers, Smartphones, and Tablets

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

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It's been a year since the COVID 19 pandemic forced all of us to rely on our computers and associated devices for work and school. Most modern tech devices don't need a 'tune up', but as we into Spring, it's a good time for cleaning. So when you start to do a deep cleaning on your living space, take a few minutes to follow these steps to spring clean all items associated with your digital lifestyle.

Avoid computer and app cleaning products: it's Tempting to purchase do it all products that promise to clean on your computers and smartphones. Avoid these products like the plague. Most of these products do more harm than good. Your devices are designed to take care of themselves so avoid all of the extra junk.

Remove your 3rd Party Anti-Virus software. 15 years ago, computer manufactures didn't include AV software, now they do Macintosh users have xProtect and Windows Users have Windows Defender. Smartphone and tablet users just need to avoid downloading unknown apps from the Google Play Store and The App Store. Most 3rd party AV software causes more problems than g