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How to Find Hidden Cameras Any Place You Stay

I travel quite a bit to speak on technology/cyber security and I'm always worried that somebody is watching me with a hidden camera. Call it paranoid or thinking I'm James Bond when I travel. When you think of hidden cameras, you probably think of the latest spy movies, but because of technology hidden cameras are becoming more common and can be set up by anyone. These devices can possibly be set up anywhere you stay from your home, rented apartments, hotel rooms, even your office, and that Airbnb you're staying in this spring or summer. In today's Internet-connected world, you never know who might be spying on you and your family. Here are some quick and easy tips to help you find hidden cameras where you're staying as well as other tips to stay safe.

I'm by no means a celebrity, but for even the average person you should be worried about wifi cameras. The good news is that cameras are pretty inexpensive and they can connect to any Wi-Fi connection which allows anyone who has a smartphone and the camera app to monitor homes and offices. There are property owners who use them to protect from damage or theft which makes wifi cameras a great thing. On the flip side, you could have an abusive partner a prankster, or an extortionist who will take advantage of this technology. Much like AirTags have been transformed by abusers to track your movements, people will pervert tech to take advantage of you. You might think it's fiction, but a recent survey of Airbnb users showed that 11% of people who have stayed at one have come across a hidden camera. What's even worse, wifi cameras can be as small as 2 millimeters.