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How Can I Tell If My Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet is Failing?

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For many of you, your lives now depend on the longevity and health of your tech devices, especially your smartphones, tablets, and laptops. When you experience problems, it's a cause for panic because these devices are just supposed to work, right? You probably didn't know this, but your devices are designed to give you warning signs when they are in the process of failing. You don't have to be a tech expert to see these signs and it's helpful to recognize them to prevent data loss. Want to know when your devices are calling for help? Here are some easy and useful tips to help you know when your devices are in crisis.

Your device won't turn on or load the operating system. If you go to power up your device and the power light comes on, but nothing else happens, it can mean the storage device or the motherboard has failed. To troubleshoot, if possible remove power from the device and let it sit, and try to turn it on again. If it powers back up, it might be a good time to back up your information. If the device powers on but doesn't load the operating system, you can attempt to reload the operating system.