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How Can I Use Technology To Make Long-Distance Relationships Easier?

Updated: Apr 10

Relationships don’t come easy, especially when you and your romantic partner do not live in the same city or country. Despite the challenges, long-distance relationships are becoming increasingly common. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you’ll know firsthand how tough it is not seeing your partner every day, wondering if they’re thinking about you. Thankfully there are a some awesome l long-distance relationship gadgets that help you stay connected to your partner. I’ve compiled a list of apps and technology specifically designed for you if you're a long-distance couples who wants to keep your connection and love strong until you can meet your S.O. face-to-face again.

Skylight Digital Frame. Digital frames are a popular gift for many parents and grandparents during the holidays. Most require you to upload photos and videos in advance for the older adults in your life to enjoy those digital memories. Skylight stands out because you set up an email account for the frame, which means you can send photos and videos anytime for your romantic partner to see. Of course, you can message these items anytime with a smartphone, but Skylight allows you to mix things up.

Luv Link. Sleeping in bed alone can be one of the loneliest parts of long-distance relationships. Friendship lamps are the perfect addition to your nighttime routine when your partner isn’t with you. The LuvLink lamps light up and glow when you or your partner touches it, reassuring each other that you’re thinking of one another.

Rave. If you want to do some long-distance Netflix and chill? An app like Rave (Android & iOS) can help with that. Before you start your session, know that you both have to have a subscription to the streaming service you’re using to watch the movie or TV show. The app is simple to use. Log in with your streaming app account, then select the show and send an invitation. Once the other party has joined, you can start watching and talking.

Marco Polo – a Video Messenger app. If your relationship relies mostly on video interactions, then you might want to consider getting a dedicated video communication. Think of it as Zoom or FaceTime you can record with your schedule. Record a video and send it to your partner. Your boo can view the video when they have the time. After you’ve viewed a video, the app will prompt you to send your reply immediately, so that you don’t forget to do so. You can also add effects, text, or doodles to your clips if you want.

Bond Touch Bracelets. When you're miles away, you long for the touch of your SO.

Consider getting a pair of touch bracelets which replicate your partners touch with a vibration whenever and wherever you’re thinking about your other half.

Apple Watch. If you have an Apple watch it has a digital touch feature. This allows you to send taps, kisses, and even your heartbeat to each other. The feature also allows you to create little sketches and send them to each other — a cute extra touch to brighten up your partner's day!

The Touch X Ring. This awesome piece of technology allows you to feel the heartbeat of your sweetykins. Touch X ring is designed to be worn on the fourth finger and connects to an app. Once you’ve paired your rings with each other all you have to do is double-tap your ring to see and feel the real-life heartbeat of your partner — a touching way to stay connected (pun intended).

Hopefully this will help you use current technology devices to stay connected to your long distance partner. If you have any questions, please reach out I'm always looking to help out.

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