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How To Find Out If Your Passwords Are Being Sold On The Dark Web

You do everything in your power to protect your information from cyber breaches, but unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to protect your information from a large-scale data breach. Since 2012, data breaches have been occurring all over the world. Companies you trust your data to frequently fall victim to cyber-attacks. Sometimes they are forthcoming and share that they have been breached. In many instances, companies keep this a secret. When criminals get access to your personal information, they usually sell it on the dark web where they can make large amounts of money. Do you know if your passwords are being sold on the dark web? If you don't, you need to use the following methods to find out.

The dark web is the underbelly of the internet and actually, there is more information floating around on the dark web than there than what is on the internet as we know it. You are welcome to search the dark web for your leaked passwords using a Tor web browser, but you wouldn't be successful as the dark web doesn't advertise specific sites. You would need to know the IP address of each of the websites that hold hacked data. That's why you need to rely on these tools to track that information down.