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How the 'Quiet Quitting' Movement Could Cause a Risk To Cybersecurity

In the past several months, you've probably heard the term 'quiet quitting'. which is a growing trend among Millennials and Gen Z. It implies that rather than putting in extra effort at your job, small business, or in your personal life. You do just the bare minimum to get your job or tasks completed. It can cause problems with cybersecurity because criminals count on employees and individuals to be negligent when it comes to reading emails, responding to texts, and answering voice calls. It only takes one minor mistake to have your identity stolen or to have your whole office network shut down by a virus. When it comes to the cyber defense of your home or office devices, you and your workforce need to always stay vigilant against the latest threats. Check out these tips to help reduce quiet quitting and revitalize yourself and your workforce.

Some say quiet quitting is a response to low work wages, poor working conditions, stress, and a lack of work/life balance. The rise and grind culture is giving way to burn out and many of you are near or facing burnout in life and in your career. There are a lot of things that you're dealing with in your personal and professional lives and it's easy to see why quiet quitting is trending more and more. Many cyber threats like data breaches and ransomware attacks occur because you clicked on something you shouldn’t have.