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3 Apps That Will Help You Explore the Outdoors

Looking for a great way to get you and family outside to explore your community and to make some new adventures? Download an app! My boys love their devices, so it's always a challenge to find new ways to allow them to enjoy technology and get them in out of the house. Enrolling them in sports is great, but it fun to have experiences the entire family can enjoy. Here are my three favorite apps that will help you and your family get you out and about:  1. SkyView. This has my go to app for years when helping my boys see the constellations in the night sky. Skyview turns your device into a a virtual telescope allowing you to identify planets, nebula, moon phases and more.  2. Geocaching. This app allows you to Join the world's largest treasure hunt which started in 2000. With the app you can Search for hidden containers within your community or hide your own message or trinket for others to find.  3. PokemonGo. The hype about This app has died down, but you can deny the fact that this a great game in the fact you have to leave your home to play it. When you explore the world around you, you can discover new Pokemon, search for helpful items and take on gym leaders. Before you download any app, be sure you are downloading it from a safe, trusted source, and that it is the correct version. Sometimes, if a game is popular, fake versions are released to the public that designed to steal your data. Always use the official app store. Apple devices use the Apple App Store, Android devices use Google Play Store. Check the app rating and reviews. Reading the reviews will let you know if an app is legitimate or not.