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Are There Tools to Unlock My Infected Ransomware Files?

Updated: May 20, 2021

Ransomware has been a plague to individuals and businesses for the past several years. At Integral, we constantly are bombarded with calls from folks who clicked on an email and infected their devices with this malicious virus. Unlike most viruses that are on the Internet, ransomware can modify the files on your personal devices and network and make them inaccessible. If you or your business has fallen victim to a ransomware attack, all may not be lost. Check out some free tools that can help you unlock your damaged files.

Ransomware is probably one of the worst forms of cyber attacks on the Internet. Cybercriminals distribute this virus via social engineered emails which are designed to trick you into clicking on a link in an email so the virus can infect your devices. Once the virus is on your computer, device or network a message will pop up on your screen letting you know that your files are encrypted. If you want access to them, you need to pay a ransom. When your files are encrypted, it's virtually impossible to access them unless you have a key to unlock them. Users of all levels have been affected by the virus. Individuals from large corporations have been at the mercy of cybercriminals. Some paying the ransom hoping they will get access to their files and others dealing with the loss of years of critical data.