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How WiFi Calling Can Help You Stay Connected To Your Friends, Family, and Work

You probably noticed that your cellular service was spotty last week. TMobile, Verizon, and ATT experienced an outage that covered most of the country. When you're trying to stay in contact with family, friends, and customers, you're probably doing it by your smartphone because many of you have dropped your landline. Apple and Google understand outages can occur, which is why your smartphone has the ability to make calls and send texts over wifi. If you're not familiar with this technology, check out these tips that will help you connect your phone to a wifi connection to make calls when you have limited or no cellular connection.

What is WiFi calling? WiFi calling allows you to call or text from any location that has a WiFi connection. This feature comes in handy especially if you are in an area that your cellular network doesn’t reach. There are many benefits to making calls over a wifi network as opposed to your cellular network such as improving the quality of your calls when you have weak coverage. You can hop on a wifi network to make calls when there is an outage cellular outage. Since the technology is already built into your smartphone, there is no need to install separate applications and there are no additional charges. H