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How To Reduce Your Kids Screen Time During Summer Break

Updated: Jul 4

Like Alice Cooper once proclaimed, "Schools Out for Summer. With that comes the challenge of how you're going to keep your kids entertained during the break . It's easy to just let your 2-year-old, Tween, or Teen spend their entire summer in front of a screen, but too much screen time can cause your kids to suffer from symptoms like eye strain, sleep obesity, disruption, and mental issues such as depression and anxiety. Also, it's recommended to limit your kids to 2 hours a day of screen time.  It's a challenge as a parent, but there are some things you ca do to provide a digital distraction for your kids during the summer months.   Check out these tips:

Set Clear Boundaries: Establish clear rules and limits for screen time usage. Communicate these rules to your children and ensure they understand the expectations. For example, set limits on the number of hours per day or specify certain times when screens are off-limits. Consistency is key in enforcing these boundaries to help your children develop healthy screen habits and understand the importance of balance1.

Create a Routine: Along with clear boundaries, establish a structured daily routine that includes designated screen-free time slots. Set specific times during the day when screens are not allowed, such as during meals, 30 minutes before bedtime, or in the early morning. Designate specific periods for other activities like reading, outdoor play, chores, or creative projects. Having a routine helps children understand and anticipate when they will have screen time, making it easier to adhere to the established boundaries.

Tech-Free Family Challenges: Turn screen reduction into a fun family challenge! Create a weekly or monthly goal where everyone in the family participates. For example:

“No Screens Sunday”: Designate Sundays as a day without screens. Encourage activities like board games, puzzles, or outdoor adventures.

“Digital Detox Week”: Challenge family members to limit screen time for an entire week. Reward achievements with small treats or special privileges.

“Screen-Free Hour”: Pick an hour each day when everyone puts away their devices and engages in a shared activity, like cooking together or playing charades.

Use Tech in an Educational Sense.  With AI, the sky is the limit to what your child can ask and learn.  Find Tools like Meta.AI and Co-Pilot are kid-friendly and allow you children to create stories as well as generate Art images. You can also host your own "summer school" and let your kids get better at subjects they struggle with in school.  

Distract them with Real World Skills. Can your kids cook? Sew? Help your kids get a leg up by teaching them real-world skills such as: Basic Cooking and Nutrition, Basic First Aid and CPR, Basic Sewing and Clothing Repair, and Financial Literacy.

Hopefully, this will give you tips to help you reduce the amount of time your kids spend time on their screens this summer.  If you have any questions, please reach out. I'm always available.

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