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How to Prevent Social Media & Search Engine Companies from Spying On You and Keeping You Addicted

If you haven't seen Netflix 'The Social Dilemma ', you need to take 90 minutes of your time to check out this eye-opening documentary. It breaks down what I have been sharing with you for the past couple of years of how companies like Facebook and Google are attempting to turn you into products. They do this by gathering your personal information to sell to advertisers in an attempt to help them direct the right services and products to you. The documentary also talks about the addictive nature of Internet-based software that it designed to keep you plugged in. This may not bother some of you, but if you're concerned about how social media and search engine companies are using your information, here are some useful tips to help you hide your online identity.

1. Become a Cyber Liar.  When it comes to online forms, social media, and email accounts, you don't always have to tell the truth. Your social media accounts give out important details that allow social media companies to build a profile about you which allows them to target you with appropriate advertisement and social media content. Create an alias ... or several for yourself when you're online to keep your identity safe and secure.