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How to Prevent Your Car from Getting Hacked

It's amazing how our cars are becoming more high tech. Many of us get to enjoy features such as hands-free conversations via Bluetooth technology, WiFi Connectivity, and cars that can correct our bad driving habits going as far as to be able to drive themselves. With all of the gadgets that come included in our automobiles is a growing fear that hackers can get into your car. The fear is they can steal your personal data, take over your car or even take your vehicle. How is this possible? Vehicle manufacturers are developing cars in which their components and networks act like smartphones and tablets. With more of these smart vehicles connected to the Internet, it opens up many possibilities for hackers which will allow them to gain access to your vehicle remotely. Should you be concerned and what can you do? Read on and I will share more information to help you stay educated and secure.

Auto hacking got its first scares back in 2015 when two security researchers used a laptop to remotely take control of a Jeep Cherokee. You will be shocked to find out what parts of the Jeep were remotely controlled. They were able to take control of the digital display, windshield wipers, climate control, radio, the brakes and transmission. Following up on that research, the researchers were able to access the same Jeep by placing a device in the OBD (On-Board Diagnostics Port) and control the same features. There is also the growing problem of Key Fob security as thieves have the ability to steal the code as it’s being sent to your car. Once armed with this information, thieves can steal your vehicle. Another thing to consider as smart devices are becoming more secure, cybercriminals may turn to vehicles and the systems that feed information to them to steal your personal data. Think of all of the data that your car holds such as your home address, frequented destinations and your current information. This data could become a gold mine for thieves who can take that information and sell it on the dark web ... information that could help criminals build a profile of you in