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6 Websites to Make Digital Learning Easier for Everyone

Digital Learning Day is just around the corner and yes, it's a real holiday. This holiday was created encourage kids, adults and seniors to take advantage of technology to strengthen our learning experiences and to give us all a better quality of life. The internet has an almost unlimited amount of web sites and resources to help you and your family learn anything. What's great about our digital society is education is just a click away and available on all of our tech devices. What's even better, most of these resources are free. It doesn't matter if you want to learn a new language, play an instrument, help the senior in your life learn a new skill, or you want your kids to brush up on their education, there is a digital resource for that. Want to find educational resources for you and your entire family? Check out these resources.

For Kids: If you're a parent, I hate to break it to you, but just because your kid is good at Fortnite doesn't mean they are a technology genius. Letting your kids play games is a great way to improve hand eye coordination, but not so good for improving practical life skills which will help them succeed in life. Here are some great educational websites: