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How To Keep Your Personal and Business Information Safe In The Cloud

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

As a national speaker and an owner of a tech support and computer repair business, I'm a big fan of using cloud-based services that give me access to my company information, files, and presentations wherever I am in the world. Even as we become more dependant on cloud-based applications, people I encounter remain cautious about cloud services. Although most cloud providers have implemented strong security with their services, there are still things that could compromise your security and privacy. To help you trust the cloud and to give your information better security, here are some tips to help you have better protection when using the cloud.

I know the term 'cloud' seems like a general term, but to break it down for you 'the cloud' is a technical term which means you're storing information on someone else's computer. You are using the cloud if you're used web-based emails such as Gmail, Yahoo, or If you're active on social media, you're in the cloud. When you shop online with any store, that is accessing the cloud. Streaming services? You guessed it, it's in the cloud. The same thing with any of your financial services, it's cloud-based. Additionally, if you have inf