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6 Free Apps and Other Technology That Will Help Busy Parents During the School Year

Wow! Can you believe we've started another school year? Making that transition from the summer months into the fall months can be one of the most hectic times of the year for families. Nobody wants to be that parent who forgot to send lunch money or items for that school field trip. Your kids are back in school and are probably involved in extra-curricular activities. Creating a consistent schedule with your family to stay organized is the best thing to do, but sometimes that's easier said than done. Thank goodness for technology because there's no shortage of apps and other tech items that can help you bring order to your life. Here are some of my favorite organizational apps and devices that can help you. They are accessible from a wide variety of devices, giving you access from your computer, smartphones, and tablets, with syncing across all devices.

1. Allrecipes I know a lot of you are probably using All Recipes to create meals, but did you know the website and app have a special 'Back to School' section that allows you to plan easy to make breakfast, lunch and dinner meals during the school year? For those of you who like to do things on the fly, the app has an awesome "Dinner Spinner' feature lets you shake your phone to find quick meals to prepare for the family.

2. ArtKive. There's only so much refrigerator space you have in your home. Yes, you want to save y