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6 Easy Technology Spring Cleaning Tips To Do While You're Quarantined

I hope everyone is doing well with this quarantine. My wife and I both run essential businesses, so life hasn't changed much for us. I know it's tough, but remember that we are all in this together working towards keeping everyone healthy. At this point, you've probably run out of things to do while you're isolated at home, so I've come up with some tech-related spring cleaning tips to help you pass the time. These tips aren't mandatory but can help add a little more organization to your life.

1. Organize and digitize those old photos, slides, and videos. Remember that project of collecting those old photo albums and making them digital? Now is a great time to make that happen. You can use your all in one printer to scan in photos from that photo album. Have photos that are stuck in the cellophane of the photo album? Use the camera from your smartphone to make them digital. Videos are a little tricky, those you will have to send off to have them converted to a digital format. Looking for a place domestically to send them. check out Ken Smithers with Picture This Video ( This 'Video Archeologist' can convert videotapes from any format to digital. Once