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5 Tips to Prevent Your Tech Devices from Deteriorating Your Mental Health

One of my favorite songs from Duran Duran's 'The Wedding Album' contains the lyrics"Destroyed by ABC. I hate to bite the hand that feeds me so much information.

The pressure's on the screen to sell you things that you don't need. It's too much information for me." The album was released in 1993, yet it's surprising they lyrics still ring true today, especially when your smartphones, computers, and tablets give us access to just about anything we want to read about. 2020 has been a very challenging year with the pandemic and increased racial tensions. Unfortunately, too much information (real and fake) can cause negative effects on your mental health. Follow these steps that will help you keep your sanity and give you peace of mind!

1. Disable all notifications from every app. You might think notifications work because they give you up to the minute information on what's going on in the world and on social media. The truth is those notifications were designed to keep you tuned in to