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How To Make Your Smartphone and Tablet Work as Your Mobile Office

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

If you see me out and about, you are almost guaranteed to see me looking at my smartphone. No, I'm not a phone addict! My iPhone is an extension of who I am because it allows me to keep track of all aspects of my computer repair business Integral. Phone calls, invoices, marketing, and communication are all done from the palm of my hand. Times are changing and with more businesses working towards a mobile footprint, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the things you should do if you want to work entirely from your smartphone. Check out this quick guide that will help you turn your smartphone and tablet to a mobile office.

1. Get the Right Software and Apps. You might actually think the type of smartphone or tablet you own is the foundation of your mobile office, but it's actually the software and apps you use day in and day out. Before rushing out and getting a new phone, check to see if the apps you want to work with will mesh with your current phone or tablet. When it comes to business apps, here are the areas you need to pay close attention to: