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5 Free Apps To Help You Stay Connected While Practicing Social Distancing

Social distancing can make you feel alone and cut off from the world. Sure, you may have plenty of work and chores around your home, but as human beings, we need to be able to interact with people face to face. It's important we all stay inside to slow the spread of COVID19, but importantly it's important that we stay connected. Looking for some apps that will help you keep connected with your friends and loved ones? Check out my picks!

1. Netflix Party. This is one of the more popular apps people are using for sharing what series they are binge-watching on Netflix ( If you always imagine watching shows and movies at the same time now you can with using Netflix Party. It currently only works with the Google Chrome browser. Once you download it on your computer, you can go pick out the show you want to watch with your friends. It's a free Chrome browser extension you download on your computer. Once you've done that, you just navigate Netflix and pick the movie or TV show you want to watch. You can chat back and forth with your friends and family during the viewing of your shared flick for a shared experience.

2. Watch2gether. This website is for those of you who don't have Netflix but still want to watch videos online with your friends and family. To get start, heard to and "create a room" to start watching videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and SoundCloud.

3. Nextdoor. Want to stay connected with your neighbors without peeking out the door, visit the Nextdoor website at or download the app to your iPhone or Android. Keep up with the latest news from your public officials and interact with posts from your neighbors. It's like social media ... but for your neighborhood.

4.Google Hangouts. Google does a good job of keeping people connected with Hangout. You can connect with up to 150 of your friends and family for video and voice chatting. This free app is the must if you want to interact with your peeps by doing screen sharing or joining in a virtual happy hour. To get access to Google Hangouts, you just need to create a free Google account at

5. Houseparty. With this period of social distancing, Houseparty has become the app to get because it lets you easily connect with your loved ones with video and it's available on all Windows, Apple iOS and Android devices. The app is always running so you instantly get an alert when someone is “in the house” so you can jump in and start chatting with them. Download the app here at

6. Rave. The term 'rave' hasn't been used in a while, but the app allows you to have a party at home without the cover charge or the crowds. This app lets you sync music videos from

YouTube, Vimeo, Reddit, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Viki with friends in real-time. You can also chat via text and video as well as act as a DJ by creating your own playlist of songs to dance the night away with your family, friends and even your co-workers. Check out the app at

With technology, social distancing doesn't have to be boring. If you're finding that you're restless, take the time to download the above apps. They will help you pass the time and stay connected with your loved ones to continue to strengthen your relationships.

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