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4 Ways to Reduce Stress With Your Technology

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier and for the most part it does. But there are those times when technology seems to do more harm than good and it can stress you out. Obviously, I don't experience many tech issues, but I know many of you do. There are many situations that can leave you frustrated with your tech. Internet is spotty when you're trying to stream your favorite show or movie. You go to reach for your favorite device and it will not turn on making you wonder if you'll ever get those documents and photos you forgot to backup. I'm sure everyone's had to deal with a tech device that starts running slow and don't forget those pesky viruses that can pop up without warning. If you tech stresses you out, here are some tips that will make technology less stressful for you.

1. Get the Right Technology. Sometimes the easiest way to deal with stressful situations is to avoid them. With technology, that involves getting the right type of technology for you. I'm always preaching about getting computers from Dell or Apple. Why? They may be a little more expensive than other brands, but they last for a long time and experience fewer issues. When getting a desktop or laptop computer, always get a computer with an i5 or i7 processor with a minimum of 8 Gigabytes of RAM and a 1 Terabyte hard drive. Make that hard drive a solid state hard drive if you can for increased speed. It's better to get more computer than what you need. This will allow you to grow into it which will last for a long time.