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How to Take Amazing Summer Photos & Videos With Your Smartphone

Whenever my family and I take day trips or family vacations, my wife likes to take her Canon camera with her. I prefer to travel light, so my iPhone XS Max is the only thing I use to take photos. Modern smartphones have pretty amazing photo capabilities with many of them able to take photos of up to 12 megapixels or more. Smartphones also have the advantage over most cameras because you have a host of apps to help you get more from your pictures. You have options that will automatically make backup of your pictures, photo editing software and let's not forget the ability to save your vacation photos directly to social media. So how can you get the most from your smartphone to take the best vacation photos and videos? Check out some of my tips that will help you create the best vacation memories ever.

1. Use The Timer On Your Smartphone. Apple and Android smartphones offer camera timers to be used with a tripod or for large group shots. You can use the timer when taking vacation selfies. The time will give you time to compose your shots and you don't have to struggle to hit the shutter button while you're also holding your phone in position.